Susmitha Veganosaurus

Podcaster, Vegan Chef, Meditation Teacher, Artist, Influencer, Healer, Lover, Lightworker... Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.

Veganosaurus Recipe Blog

Recipes inspired over years of experimentation, sometimes accompanied by humorous backstories.

The Feel Good Factor Podcast

Coversations, stories and meditations about making feeling good our highest priority.
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Podchaser - The Feel Good Factor

Vegan and Whole Foods Plant Based Courses

Learn vegan and WFPB cooking and baking (with gluten free, raw food and allergy friendly options).

Carrots Restaurant YouTube Channel

Vegan information, inspiration, stories and recipes in English and Kannada (peppered with a bunch of English words).

Connect with me on Instagram

Recipes, curated product and service recommendations, wellness and motivational content, handmade art, doodles and more.

Personalised Meditations

Tell me what you'd like to focus on and attract into your life. I'll create a custom meditation recording just for you. Email me to book.

Work With Me!

I'm available for vegan menu consultations, conducting healthy cooking and baking programs at culinary colleges, online cooking classes, personalised meditation sessions, card reading guidance, affiliation or sponsorship deals for conscious businesses through my Instagram and podcast.

If you think of any other idea on how we can collaborate and create something beautiful, conscious and positive together in a mutually beneficial way, get in touch with me and let's start a conversation.

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